The Butterfly and The Cat (autumn_elph) wrote in soul_portraits,
The Butterfly and The Cat

I'd like to change the dynamics of this community. I'd like it to be chatty..since a lot of art is not shared on here, anyway. I'd like to make it a closed community, so if you are thinking that you're bored to tears, nows a good time to leave. I don't mean to sound rude here, but this isn't what i wanted from the community. Sou portraits was intended as a safe, spiritual creative stomping ground for ppl to exchange ideas....maybe it doesn't need to be closed, but too much silent lurking makes me nervous. Hey, I do the same...that's why i will be leaving all the communities i "lurk" on....a community is supposed to have active members, right?
Well, i'll figure it out...any help, suggestions, is a question or topic for us to discuss....pplease?
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