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Sorry, in my ever so busyNess, I overlooked/ or expected to come back and do this and forgot~

Name: My name is Robin~

Hopes and dreams:these change on a daily basis, the biggest one is for seriously, (this sounds so cliche, but I desire greatly world peace, for humanity to evolve that extra step~ that they may actually see the devine spark more readily in one another.....

someone you admire: Dali Llama, the old lady that lives alone down the street,Jesus, my mum, Ellen Degeneres, Hanan Ashrawi, MOTHER TERESA, any and all people affiliated with AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, LINUS CARL PAULING (he lived right up the coast from me)Leonardo DaVinci, Carrie Chapman Catt, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Martha Graham, Georgia O’Keeffe, Maria Tallchief, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Day O’Connor, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ann Bancroft, Bonnie Blair, Gertrude Elion, Erma Bombeck, Cleopatra, Indira Gandhi & Gandhi, Esther Peterson, Margaret Sanger, Joyce Tenneson, Sappho, Socrates, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Gutenberg, Artist, dreamers and sensitive empaths everywhere etc~etc~etc~

somewhere you are drawn to: my bed actually, travel~ distant lands....the shore, outdoors~

animal totems (if known): owl, lizard, lynx, dragon, hummingbird, dragonfly, crane, butterfly

animal companions: tuxedo cat~ Pippen

children: (if any) 1 foster~she lives elsewhere now~

favourite scent: many~ sandlewood, naga champa, tuber roses, sweet pea, rain, forest, cut grass, freesia, there are more....(into aromatherapy~)

birthday/sign: June 23, Sensitive Cancer, Sag moon~

Living life to the fullest
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I live in the beautiful central coast of California. I grew up in Las Vegas, but now I live in a village. Quite a difference.~ AND now since it is 2:30 AM, I am going to bed~
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