Autumn Rain (heyokah) wrote in soul_portraits,
Autumn Rain

Hey folks, it's me your ROTTEN hostess...I've made my autumn elph diary private and virtually abandoned this community...but i will soon nurture it..(maybe i'm taking this community concept too seriously, but i did have good intentions by starting this...and remain hopeful)....
Thankyou Thankyou to Ayla for posting all those delicious poems....I do read them...moments near the computer are simply fleeting these days.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to new members or whoever...I'd like to say i'm the local trickster but my bag is empty save a few rabbits and rabbit medicine is fear, so let's empty the bag completely and start anew.
Maybe there are a few owls looming...
who who
so tell me all about you!

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