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The Mystique of Egyptian Magnetism: The Beatles & Cats.

This interest in Egyptian magnetism has been sparked for the second time this week. However, before I may elaborate on this topic, I must provide what caused my first desire to explore the general public's fascination with seemingly simple Egyptian symbols.

Few years ago, my mom and I had a spirituality discussion after another and The Beatles crept into our conversation of the day. I was curious and wanted to know everything about my mom's then-teenage obsession with and thoughts of the Beatles. She shared memories, feelings, favorite songs, the why's . . . I just took in each of her observations to merge my own question that was yet unanswered: Why did the Beatles become so famous? I'm not talking about advertising secrets or how the power of a certain "right" person or two contributed to the Beatle's legacy and neverending legend. Mom replied by reminding me of the beetles as a sacred species in Egyptian culture. Startled by The Beatles' phonetic message, a big "Duh!" moment was born.

This past weekend, I was watching my beloved PBS network on a marathon series of everything Broadway and its complex history. After a few hours of somewhat unofficial but credible self-teaching, Cats became the key subject. I recalled its recent departure from Broadway after a rare, history-making long run. I had never seen it but managed to catch glimpses of it on the same network the past year. Pondering the fame Cats had had, I found myself screaming, "Oh, my God!"

Beatles . . . Cats . . . We all know that cats are also sacred creatures in Egyptian culture. The Beatles lasted eighteen years based on discography resulting from 1962 through 1980. Cats lasted eighteen years on Broadway from 1982 to 2000. Though I am quite aware of the symbolism behind the number 18 due to my birthdate, I did a bit of extra research searching for an additional explanation. Eighteen generally represents a struggle and/or act of balancing spirituality and materialism as the late Linda Goodman has discussed in one of her books. Since ancient Egypt is the main topic of this large observation, eighteen also is seen as a simple and nostalgic symbol especially in the areas of spirituality and emotions (website source lost!).

The lost truths of Egypt seem to resurface through simple symbols, including beetles, cats and pyramids. Those symbols will continue to creatively emerge in this changing world - actually, a world of materialistic values searching for its path back to the core: spirituality.

While I have identified two large popular symbols in the material world, I am off to investigate the finer fibers of each symbol. I have discovered my partial truth -- have you?

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