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me goes too

Name: nea catharina

Hopes and dreams: to live to the fullest, not merely exist. lead an interesting life and make my dreams come true.

someone you admire: myself. i know this sounds awfully self-centered, but this hard been very hard to achieve. of course there are loads of other people i admire also. because they are what they are.

somewhere you are drawn to: where is a tricky question. i think at the moment i'm drawn to india, but that's only natural. i hope i will feel the same when i'm there.

animal totems (if known): cats. crows. horses. elephants.

animal companions: sebastian and captain hook.

children: (if any) none and probably won't have

favourite scent: i dislike smells. they usually too much for me to handle. especially sweet ones. tar and smoke.

birthday/sign: july 4th, 1979

things: this is more or less copied from my userinfo page.
alice in wonderland. alter egos. altered books. anthropology. art. balance. bdsm. beauty. bisexuality. black and white. bondage. books. candles. cats. chai. chaos. collage. connectedness. corsets. creativity. cultures. cynicism. darkness. dave mckean. decos. deep discussions. delirium. desire. despair. dreamcatchers. dreaming. dreams. dreamscapes. emotions. empathy. erotica. feeling. femininity. feminism. fetishes. fire. folklore. freedom. garmarna. h.r.giger. history. hot chocolate. imagination. individualism. insomnia. intelligence. intuition. irony. isolation. labyrinths. learning. light. literature. long letters. mail art. mirrors. mood swings. moon. mr punch. music. mythologies. nature. neil gaiman. nightmares. nights. passion. philosophy. piercings. polyamory. psychology. quotes. reading. rebelling. rhcp. rubber stamp art. sandman. sarcasm. secrets. seeking. sensitivity. sensuality. sexuality. sharing. silence. silver. solitude. soulmates and kindred spirits. summer. surrealism. tags. tarot. tea. tears. terry pratchett. tolerance. tori amos. tranquility. transparency. true friendship. trust. vegetarian food. violet. visions. visual journals. women. wondering. words.
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